If, contrary to expectations, an enwitec product shows damage or does not work according to the product description, we are of course responsible for our product as part of product liability. Our current general terms and conditions apply exclusively. You have a 24 MONTH warranty on all of our products within the legal framework. We assume proper use.

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact the following contact: rma@enwitec.eu

We will inform you about the handling and the procedure for complaints and will try to send you help as soon as possible.

We would like to point out, that our products are developed for the Area/Country, for example: DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). We cannot express, to which extend technical requirements or laws of other countries influence the installation. Kindly get in contact with your local dealer for further information.

For accounting reasons, replacements can only be sent against invoice. If a legitimate complaint arises after returning and checking of the replacement, you will receive a credit note for it.

Please do not act independently, but contact us immediately. To simplify the process for us and you, please use our complaint form (for download). You will receive an RMA number during processing. Please include this in all correspondence. Please understand that we have to charge a processing fee of 100 euros net in the event of an unjustified complaint and that the delivered item is excluded from the return. If the claimed item has not been returned to us within 3 weeks, unless otherwise agreed, we will close the process and charge you the processing fee. We would also like to point out that additional costs (technicians, appraisers, etc.) may be incurred in the processing of your complaint. In the event of an unjustified complaint, we will transfer it to you as necessary.

Here you can download the complaint form to fill out

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