With the General Equal Treatment Act, four EU directives on equal treatment have been brought together and implemented in one uniform law. Before that, equal treatment was laid down in Article 3 of the Basic Law, but this principle only applied to the actions of the state. The anti-discrimination law now extends protection against unequal treatment to include business and private legal transactions. We at enwitec elektronik GmbH & Co. KG support all employees based on their skills and performance.

Our position:

We offer all employees and applicants full equality of opportunity regardless of their gender and age, their race (The German AGG has adopted the characteristic “race” from the EU anti-racism directive. There are no different human races. “Race” is the linguistic link to the concept of Form “racism” and thus ensure the most complete protection possible against ethnically motivated disadvantage) their ethnic origin, their sexual identity, a possible disability, as well as their religion or belief. We are committed to national, European and international regulations in all your business principles and continuously implement them.

As part of compliance, we also ensure compliance with the Anti-Discrimination Act in the relationship between superiors and employees, employees among themselves and towards customers. In the interest of our customers, we strive for a diverse and motivated workforce. The diversity of our employees is an opportunity for our company.

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