Quality policy

In its corporate image, enwitec electronic GmbH has placed quality at the top of the target hierarchy as the main component of long-term corporate success. Constantly ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and their continuous improvement are among our top corporate principles. Our customers set the standard for quality. That is why their judgment about our quality is crucial.

Each individual employee has to make a significant contribution to quality through personal commitment. The quality policy forms the basis of our actions at enwitec electronic. Responsible handling of the environment and the safety of our employees, partners and customers is not limited to sufficient compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Our aim is to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible in all of our activities and to use the best available technology. We strive for safe jobs without injuries and without accidents. To implement our goals, we train our employees so that they can carry out their work consciously and responsibly. The effects of current actions and measures taken are regularly monitored, assessed and continuously improved.

We implement the “0-error principle”. We attach particular importance to avoiding errors compared to detecting errors.

Quality principles of the company:

  • • Quality through thinking and acting: In order to achieve the quality goals, all employees must be trained in customer and quality-oriented thinking and acting.
  • • Quality through leadership: The managers are role models for their employees. Managers must formulate clear, achievable goals and support employees in realizing these goals. Managers are responsible for meeting these goals.
  • • Service quality is the customer-friendly and economical supply of market needs, which is necessary to our products – at the right time, – with the right properties and – in the right amount – to be placed with the customer
  • • Personnel quality Through a continuous improvement process, the quality of our products is to be permanently increased through the commitment of all employees at all levels.

The quality and environmental policy of enwitec electronic is known throughout the company and is regularly checked for its continued appropriateness.

Corporate goals

  • The certificate as an official confirmation of our quality capability
  • Recognizing achievements that can be improved and making corrections in the sense of constant quality improvement
  • The optimization of internal structures

Download our latest ISO 9001-15 certificate

In order to maintain the validity of our ISO certificate we are getting

audited on a regular basis by ALL-CERT Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH.