Interview in Johann Wimmer: “We need clear regulations“

Solar power is solidarity power: Johann Wimmer is the founder and managing director of Enwitec Electronic in Wurmannsquick. He writes politics a clear order in the family register. We now need the proposals from the climate package to be implemented as quickly as possible. Otherwise there will be a gap in the market because ignorance and uncertainty will spread. So far there is no clear and long-term planning security. The network connection is very complicated for the various plant services, which should be easier. We need stable feed-in tariffs, the simpler and clearer the better. Otherwise there will be constant wave movements in the market. We need three to five years in advance, and not just with announcements, but with concrete actions. I came into the industry back in 1980, initially through electrical installation. At that time we sold the modules piece by piece, when a niche opened. At peak times we had 300 employees, today there are – at least – 45. I hope that politicians can overcome the hurdles with simple regulations. Then people and companies in our country can increasingly use the advantages of photovoltaics.

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