Emergency Shut Off Switches

Enwitec pv fireman’s switch

Due to the steadily increasing number of photovoltaic systems, it is more and more common that the fire brigade is confronted with a solar system during its operations. Although the cause of the use is rarely a fire caused by the solar system, the danger remains that the solar system cannot be switched off. The real challenge for the emergency services is not, as is often wrongly assumed, direct spraying with water. According to the regulations, minimum clearances apply depending on the jet pipe and voltage (e.g. for voltages up to 1000V 5-10m). The real danger for the emergency services arises from inside attacks from the underwater walls, floors and cable ducts. With the PV fire brigade switches, Enwitec offers an intelligent safety solution with which the lines in the building can be reliably switched off. This minimizes the risk to firefighters. The PV fire brigade switches are located either directly after the roof entry or in the case of an installation in a protected outdoor area directly on the PV generator and, if required, or automatically in connection with an existing fire alarm system, disconnect the lines into the building.

Especially in public buildings or industrial and storage halls, increased demands are placed on security. enwitec combines the conventional connection technology for PV systems with the PVSEC disconnector and thus offers individual and freely scalable solutions down to the megawatt range. This can be used to switch off the DC cables installed in the building.



-- system voltage --

Enwitec fireman switch Santon 1000-2x3S(x2)15-T100-BC-PES-1.0

1000VDC Class I+II/B+C 10013141


Enwitec fireman switch Santon-1000-2x2R-T50-BC-PES-1.0

1000VDC Class I+II/B+C 10012217


Enwitec fireman switch Santon-1000-12S(x2)15-T150-Y-PES-1.0 - 10012217

1000VDC 10013134


Enwitec fireman switch Santon-1000-3x3S(x2)15A-T50-X-PES-1.0