Centric Island box for SMA Sunny Island single system

Enwitec electronic GmbH & Co. KG offers with immediate effect the single cluster box which is a completely converted product for 1 and 3 phase Sunny Island single cluster systems. Installation times can be reduced materially with this solution.

It´s about the central connection unit for Sunny Island off grid applications:

– including integrated connections with fuses for Sunny Islands, generators, PV inverters, consumer charges

– including integrated overvoltage protection at the generator and the PV inverter´s input and output

– including load shedding contactor

– including integrated bypass switch in case of failure or maintenance

– including DC power supply for peripheral devices

Cluster boxes were used to be installed by own creations of electronic companies in the past. Albeit it is assumed that these companies will execute the work to the best of their technical knowledge, it remains a higher risk of failure respectively the noncompliance of relevant standards.  Therefore, it exists a significant higher risk that malfunctions will influence the system respectively for risk of fire and endangerment of the user.

The single cluster boxes of enwitec will be manufactured industrially in Germany in consideration of high quality standards.