Build To Order

We are there for you. As a pure distributor of empty cases and enclosures or as a service provider and an “extended workbench” in case processing.

Casing production and distribution

Enwitec Electronic Gehäusebearbeitung
CNC case processing

We offer

• custom drilling, milling, engraving by CNC milling machine

• Materials: all plastics, polyester

• up to a size of: H: 1000mm / B: 1000mm / T: 400mm

• Job Shop / serial production


Case accessories

• Mounting plates PVC blank or processed

• blank mounting plates metal

• Wall mounting brackets

• different locking systems

• other dimensions on request

Your benefits

• Creation of detailed technical drawings in different formats (DXF, DWG, ..)

• Fast response time

• Short delivery time

• Use of high quality enclosures

• Repetitive Manufacturing (Mass production) possible

•  small series production from 1 piece

Cabinet Design and Manufacturing

enwitec electronic als Ihr industrieller Auftragsfertiger
Cable manufacturing

Your industrial contract manufacturers

Through our many years of experience both in the field of direct current technology as well as in AC technology and a high degree of flexibility coupled with high quality standards, we are a reliable partner. We are there for you as a pure service provider, a kind of “extended workbench” or as a partner who takes care of the electrical part for you in implementing your projects.

The focal points of our manufacturing services are in the implementation and preparation

• of electrical and electromechanical assemblies,

• control cabinets, equipment and apparatus,

• in the case processing,

• assembly of cables and wires,

• in the assembly of complex components in Electricity storage solutions

Our Services

• Manufacturing of control cabinets of any size

• Manufacturing of electrical and electromechanical components

Housing production (plastic housing)

Cable preparation

Your benefits

• Use of high-quality primary products

• Provision of own material possible

• use of qualified staff

• Comprehensive traceability and documentation by serial number

• 100% final inspection by specialized staff

• Manufacturing of a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified company

• Professional, Technical Consulting

• Quick reaction and short delivery times

• Cost advantage through large purchasing volumes

• electrical documentation possible in 4 languages