AC Junction Boxes

The AC distributors are used to collect single-phase or multi-phase inverter strings, which minimizes the effort involved in cabling. By using ready-to-connect solutions, considerable time can be saved during installation. This is a significant cost factor, especially for medium-sized and larger plants and PV power plants. The AC distribution boards are the link between the inverter and the grid connection. By using AC distributors, individual parts of the system can be secured or released for maintenance and repair work without putting the entire PV system out of operation. In addition, in versions with overvoltage protection or fault current switches, they protect the PV system against overvoltage coupling and excessive currents. Depending on the requirements, neocide fuses, NH switch disconnectors or automatic circuit breakers can be used to protect against overcurrent. The modular concept from enwitec offers a high degree of flexibility to adapt our standard products to individual customer requirements. With a string inverter concept, the PV module strings are usually connected directly to the DC input of the inverter. Several inverters are bundled here on the AC side in a so-called AC collector. Its output is either routed to another pre-collector or a transformer distribution. An isolating switch and / or protective components against overvoltage and overcurrent can optionally be integrated in the AC collector.


enwitec AC junction box 3AC-400-TNC-8-NH00--NH02-X-S-PES-V1.0



enwitec AC junction box 3AC-400-TNC-4-NH00-X-X-X-F-W-PES-V1.0

TN-C 400V 400A 10011322


enwitec AC junction box 3AC-400-TNC-6-NH00-X-X-BC-W-PES-V1.0



enwitec AC combiner 3AC-400-TNC-3-NH00-X-X-X-F-W-PES-V-1.0

TN-C 400V 10011321


enwitec AC junction box 3AC-400-TNC-2-NH00-X-X-X-F-W-PES-V-1.0