enwitec switchover box for Fronius Energy Package System – 20kW, all-pole, Standard – 10015613

Enwitec supplies the only solution available on the market, which is officially approved and listed by Fronius. In the event of a power failure, the switchover box safely disconnects the connected PV system and the consumer distribution from the public power grid and at the same time provides the customer with a backup power supply. Thanks to the ready-to-connect and pre-tested solution from enwitec, installers no longer have to do the time-consuming and costly self-assembly of the switchover device, nor do they have to take on their own guarantees.

Switchover Box / Automatic transfer switch box


  • Fronius Energy Package -Energy storage system


  • Symo GEN24 6.0 Plus/8.0 Plus/10.0 Plus
  • Symo Hybrid 3.0-3-S/4.0-3-S/5.0-3-S

Monitoring & Control:

  • Fronius Smart Meter TS65A-3 is integrated

Grid structure:

  • 3PH 230/400V – TT or TN-S System; NOT ANY TN-C System