enwitec grid protection Feed Guard 110,4KVA – VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-11 – All-pole separation for TT & TNS grids

Core data

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all pole


VDE-AR-N 4105




unten; Kabeltülle für Kabel 14-68mm


unten; Kabeltülle für Kabel 14-68mm

Installation type:



Polyestergehäuse mit Schraubdeckel IP54

dimensions (WxHxD):

ca. 360 x 680 x 201 mm


Grid protection from enwitec. Depending on the national guideline, generator systems must be switched off in the event of impermissible voltage or frequency deviations in the low-voltage network. If the limit values ​​permitted in the application rule are exceeded, the generating plant is automatically disconnected from the grid. If the line voltage or line frequency is again within the permissible range, the system is automatically switched on again. We offer both standard products and individual solutions that are adapted to the needs of the respective photovoltaic system.

Here are the highlights:

  •  Circuit breaker with motorized reclosing
  • Terminal connections (no cable lug pressing required)
  • Generously dimensioned cross sections and connection areas
  • Starting from performance class 62KW – copper or aluminum cables possible
  • Protection class IP54 for indoor or protected outdoor areas
  • Compact wall housing made of GRP-reinforced polyester with connections at the bottom

Your options:

  • with surge protection
  • with integrated fuse distributor
  • as a 4-pole version for TN networks

According to standard: VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-11

With the aim of preparing the European energy system for the increasing feed-in of renewable energies, the VDE application guideline VDE-AR-N 4105 was revised. In future, decentralized generation plants such as photovoltaic and storage systems will be increasingly required to support the grid.

For further technical informations we refer to the documentations available as downloads


Matchcode: feed-guard-NA4105-PV-110.4KVA-TNS_TT_1.0

HS-Code: 85371098



Data sheet DE 10014058
Assembly drawing DE 10014058
CE Conformity DE 10014058
Manual DE 10014058
Data sheet - protection relay ABB