enwitec BAT BREAKER High Voltage – Batterieabsicherung mit thermisch-magnetischen Schutzschaltern 10015859

Bezeichnung: Batterieabsicherung Bat Breaker – High Voltage
Anwendung: Batterieabsicherung für das Energiespeichersystem von BYD „Premium“ – Typ HVS oder HVM
Anzahl und Typ der Batterielader / Inverter:
Max. 1 x Batterielader
§ Fronius SYMO GEN 24 Plus (alle Typen)
§ Fronius SYMO HYBRID (alle Typen)
§ Kostal BI 5.5/26 – 10/26
§ Sungrow SH5.0RT / SH6.0RT / SH8.0RT / SH10RT
§ GoodWe GW###-ET /-BT / -EH / -BH
Anzahl und Typ der
Max. 3 x Energiespeicher § BYD „Premium“ – Typ HVS oder HVM

enwitec BAT BREAKER-VCT-CHARGER 6x200A-ACCU 10x200A – 10014855


The “BAT BREAKER” battery protection series was developed to protect mobile and stationary battery storage systems of various technologies (lead, lithium …) against overcurrent and short circuits. The voltage limits for direct current operation are 75V DC for the system voltage. The specially matched nominal values ​​of the circuit breakers used offer optimum reliability and availability.

Application: “BAT BREAKER” battery protection for the PV energy storage system with battery charger / inverter

For Victron Inverter

Amount & type of battery inverter:

  • max. 6 inverters

Amount and type of energy storage:

  • max. 10x batteries